Clare Louise September 12, 2018

Technology is something paradoxical and humans are responsible for making tools. All technological solutions, as everything else generate issues. Today, more than 15% of the American adult population have tried vaping an e-cigarette and around 5% of the Americans use e-cigarettes on a daily basis. Currently, the e-cigarettes are currently the most common form of tobacco by youth in the US.

Firstly, the question is whether electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco. As per the study published by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, 800 studies published an extensive report investigating the impact of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases like COPD as compared to tobacco smoking.

This is a smoking hot market

Nicotine delivery systems which are given by electricity aren’t new. These devices have been here for the last 30 years. Nevertheless, the current explosion of electronic cigarettes and their popularity has caught enough attention of all the tobacco companies. This specific move has been of a concern for the anti-smoking organizations. British American Tobacco or BAT, which is the biggest tobacco company in Europe launched Vype 4 years back, and since then there have been several companies which have started their new vape devices.

More and more firms fund e-cigarettes and their research

The tobacco industry seems to be so confident about the technology that they’ve started funding research which takes a close look at the health impacts of regular tobacco cigarettes against electronic cigarettes. As per a recent study, which was funded by British American Tobacco, they used 3-D modeling to compare and contrast lung inflammation from e-cigarettes along with regular cigarettes.

Researchers spoke about alterations in the level of expression of 123 genes which constituted the lung tissue that was exposed to the smoke of cigarettes, as compared with 2 genes which could be confirmed after being exposed to the aerosols of electronic cigarettes. From the perspective of cancer, there are lower level of carcinogens too. The vapor products and other tobacco products which are non-combustible might present risk to the smokers of tobacco. Though such products haven’t been used by the consumers for a specific time period, there is a growing body of evidence that such products pose less risk.

To conclude, it can be said that it’s tough to say what should happen with e-cigarettes. Though this is a niche market, it is just another technological addition in today’s industry. If you have to accept this, you have to be careful about its pitfalls too. You can get one for yourself from