Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen September 30, 2019

Digital transformation, also known as DT, is cited as one of the most difficult challenges for businesses moving forward in 2019.   Before a business even starts to implement their digital transformation, money, time and a lot of resources has to be invested in developing a digital transformation strategy that is unique to their organisation.  It’s […]

Paul Petersen August 31, 2019

What are your chances of coming out unscathed from an auto accident? You should rest assured that the chances are slim. Not all would be lucky to avoid the accident on the road. However, those unfortunate would be required to meet the needs of the family, pay for the medical bills and expenses despite suffering […]

Paul Petersen August 26, 2019

We are living in a DIY era where nearly everyone can do or make anything with the help of video guides from YouTube or tips on Pinterest. Most people no longer pay to get their windows cleaned or even their walls painted. However, there are tasks that should be left to professionals. For instance, medical […]

Paul Petersen July 19, 2019

Are you finding it difficult to ensure the genuineness of the dating websites? What should be the consideration while choosing the best mainstream dating website? Is it possible to pick a very genuine Online Casino Australia website for countless advantages? These are some of the important questions that should be there in your mind whenever […]

Paul Petersen July 18, 2019

So you’re in search of storage tanks! Maybe, you run a chemical factory and need tanks (containers) for storing chemicals. It’s also likely that you want containers for storing ices. Regardless of the reason, choosing the right containers is imperative. You’ll come across various types of storage tanks offered by numerous vendors. However, all of […]